5 Little Updates to Love the Home You Have

Love the Home you Have… what a novel idea. We sometimes get so involved in thinking about the home we wished we had,  the we don’t give our own home a chance.  Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about loving your own home.

one  Change up the Furniture Arrangement –  We often get stuck with the same old way we live in our homes, that trying a new arrangement can really make you feel renewed. Nothing gives me a breath of fresh air like moving my furniture around.


red-number-2-md  Change up your Accessories – Sometimes your furniture will only fit  certain ways so the next best thing to try is to change your accessories around.  Maybe move lamps around or accessories you have on table, to a new location in your house.  Try bringing in new things from another room, books, candles, pillows, plants etc.  Maybe it’s time to get rid of old accessories and add something new and updated. Freshen up that Country look with a more Farmhouse or french country look. Even new colors on a neutral sofa will make a big difference.


Changing your bedding  and updating your bedroom can make a huge impact.  It’s summertime now, what a great  time for a little change it  up.





three  Add some Greenery – Greenery inside our home can really freshen up a corner here and there, especially in the summer.  Adding Greenery or flowering plants make your rooms feel fresh, and bring the outside in, as they say.  We want that feeling we get when we go outside on a beautiful day in the summer and everything is so bright and new and colorful .

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four   Add or Take away a Rug or Pillows – Rooms can be transformed with a new rug.  Let this picture speak for itself from beckwithtreasures.com

IMG_1418 IMG_1570

Guide for Rug placement – Just a guide not set in stone






five  A Clean Entryway and  New Welcome Mat – Freshen up your entryway, so you will enjoy it when you walk in the door, and so will your visitors. A new welcome mat is always a nice idea when the old one gets dirty.

Not This –

 This –

A few little updates to your home can make a world of difference to the way you  feel in your home.  Kinda like Spring Cleaning it just gives us a fresh feeling about your home. Do a few updates and you’ll Love the Home You Have!