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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trop L'Oiel

What is Tromp L'Oiel?  It is french for "foul the eye". It can be used so many ways, but Tromp L'Oiel is an awesome way to add design elements to a room.  A picture painted in Tromp L'oiel can create the illusion of something that really isn't there.
Here the wall is flat and painted to look as if it goes on into a courtyard...pretty convincing?
Here the topiary tree and the small plants are real the rest is not.

Pretty great scene from your kitchen huh?

A faux glass ceiling!

A dramatic living room wall -

Or a kitchen wall that needs a little decor.  Tromp L'Oiel is fascinating in design.  Most of us cannot afford to have a painter come in and paint a Tromp L'Oiel mural, however there are other ways of achieving this look.     New wall papers that have these types of designs are now available. There are rub on designs available at craft stores, and intricate stencil designs that are quite easy to paint. Often times faux painters will paint small windows or other Tromp L'Oiel designs. So if you'd like to add a
a new window or door, but don't exactly have the view you'd like maybe Tromp L'Oiel is for you!

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