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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 - Create a Wordle Goal List!

Happy New Year Eveyone!  What a Wonderful Christmas Holiday we had a the Moore House.
I'm so excited to share with my readers lots of great new ideas, and inspirations for living a beautiful life! Thanks for coming back for a visit.

The first of the year always reminds me and most everyone it's time to look at some  goals and get back to the business of Life.  My sister always says "Your words Create your Reality", and I want to try this year to wrap my head around that consept a litle more.  I came a cross a very fun site for creating "subway art",  www.wordle.net/create  for inspiration, gift giving or just creative fun.  I used this site  for inspiration for setting goals for 2011.  First I wrote a  one word list of things I  really want to be doing this year, all year, try to think about these words, and refer back to the list often to see if I am making them my reality.  Here is my wordle...
I printed the list and hung it on my bulletin board to i have no excuses not to see it.     The site will organize the words in a creative way for fun.
Also I saw a cute idea to show someone how much you care about them. Create a list of single words describing that person, a;; the things you love about them, and then let the site do it's thing.   You can print it and wrap it around a paper cup or decopage it on a canvas. What an awesome gift for your kids.  A birthday party, Ladies group, Neighbors, or anyone you want to show kindness to.  I love it!.

Kudos to Shelley, Here are her projects over at u-create http://www.u-createcrafts.com/2010/12/gift-idea-6-shelley-at-how-does-she.html

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