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Monday, January 3, 2011

Organized Calendar girl!

I think Calendars are so fun at the beginning of the year. I love written reminders of the special days coming up.   I have several different ones in my home and I even created a homemade one to give away as a  gift.  First let me share some of the ones I have hanging in my home.
 My sister-in-law is a realtor and she gives us a calendar each year with pretty pictures of the AZ, so it's on my bulletin board near my computer.

Two on my frig, thats right TWO!  One that is a tear away regular calendar and one that is a weekly menu calendar.  Love them both, (Legacy publishing).

and one in my craft room that has creative fun pictures to look at each month. Oh yea and I have a mini one like this in my closet. The dollar bin at Micheals.

 And I have a cute little antique one, in my living room that I have had for years.

And I can't forget my Beautiful "Blessings Unlimited" Daily Planner...

And here is the one I made for a gift.  Who wouldn't love a handmade claendar?

As you can see I created a  calendar for each month on my computer and then added the cute paper trim for each holiday in the month.  Endless ways you could personalize it or decorate it up.
    I added a small easel and bagged it all in a cute little celphane bag with a note about how to use it.  Place all the months on the easel and then toss them away each month as the year goes by.   
And the ones I gave away as Christmas gifts, I  had added some red and green crinkled straw to the bottom of the bag .  It made it a little fancier and festive.
HomeMadeSimple is offering a super cute calendar to download and print for free.  Check out this site...
So as you can see I'm a bit of a "calendar girl".  I didn't mention my perpetual calendar with spirtual sayings each day... and I think thats all!!!

New Years Day  tradition of mine  is to  fill in my birthdays and special days to remember,  circle all the holidays, add a few stickers and I'm good to go with a little organization, as January gets off to a wonderful start!

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