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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back to the Sugar Eggs!

A few weeks ago I did a post on how to create some beautiful and fun Sugar Easter Eggs...
Green Eggs for Easter...well it's time to get back to them and finish them up.  Remember we had just molded them and were going to let them set up for about two weeks.

Now the eggs should be very hard. Take each half and using a knife and/or a spoon dig out some of the sugar to thin out the opening and clean out the inside.  We need to make room for our scene and a nice viewing hole.

After you feel like your egg fits together nicely, it's time to make the icing (glue). 

 The receipe is as follows
Royal Icing
1lb powdered sugar
3 T meringue powder
1/4 cup water approx
1/2 tsp. cr. tartar
Mix on high,  add food coloring as desired.  The consistancy should be like frosting for easy decorating.

you'll need some cake decorating supplies. I use disposable bags for easy clean up, and a nice flower tip.
just fold down the the bag over your hand and fill it about half way with the icing.

You can set that aside for a few minutes while you create a little scene.  Smaller is always better.  I choose some little rabbitt candies.

They are a little bit to tall so I will cut them off enough to fit and I am adding jelly beans. Use a squeeze of icing as glue to hold the scene in place. When you have the scene just the way you want it, glue your top on using the icing.

don't worry to much about it showing this will all be covered up later...and this is kind of a messy project by the way.
Now for the fun!! Hold the egg in one hand and squeeze flowers out with the other all around where the top and bottom meet.

then around the window opening...and then across the top...

And then you can be creative and add another color or a different flower.  I am just using the one pink color this time but I did add a few more on top and some Easter egg sprinkles as centers.

when it's all done.  Let it set up for a day or two..The  meringue powder will make it harden up more than regular frosting.
Here it is on my entry table with my spring bunnies.Keep in mind young children think they need to try and eat this...they are 100% edible...but it's not really for eating.. you'll have to remind them, it's a decoration.

and if you look closely you can see the scene...my camera wasn't able to capture it very well.

I hope you enjoyed this fun Easter project.  Great  fun to do with a small group.  These panoramic eggs have been a long time tradition.  Easter Eggs were orginally thought of  in the religious sense as the rebirth
and a sign of the Lamb, Bunnies as a sign of fertility.  The Colored Easter egg has been recorded from 500 years ago. Enjoy!

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