Brick House

No I’m not going to Blog about the popular Commodores “Brick House” from the 70s”, although a catchy tune….


No… I am gonna talk about the Brick Houses that are so beautiful, they have stood the test of time. Who doesn’t love this… Gorgeous House.  Many homes especially around the world are built of solid Brick. Brick has great protection from wind and water, and offers  old world elegance.     We love our Brick, that’s for sure!

Designer/ Architectural Gallery

Brick has really become a design trend for those of us who do not have Brick houses.  We are using exposed Brick on Walls  and brick veneer, all over the interior of our homes.   They give us that feeling of time gone by.  I love Exposed Brick…anywhere.




Gabriel Builders

Brick is being used in so many different ways in different rooms inside and out. White washing and painting to give it many different looks and feelings to this beautiful texture. We want to reserve part of this heritage that is our past.

Cottage Style –

Belgian Chic in a 1970

Mid Century Modern

Mid-Century Mod re-do
Outdoor spaces

New Brick in home construction is laid so that it looks like it had been there a long time. In fact,the consensus today about Brick,  in renovating our homes is, do what ever you can to save it.

Here are a few  samples of salvaged Brick that looks spectacular…


Azalea Ridge

In fact you often can’t tell the old Brick from the new Brick. Original Old Solid Brick walls floors are harder and harder to come by these days.  The cost of Brick has gotten much more expensive. So we continue to find ways to get the look without the cost.

Here are some photos of completely Pho Brick, like wallpaper…


White Brick Wallpaper
Or a false Brick Veneer…
Koni Brick ®, Rosse, Flats
Or how about a Brick Mural…
Exposed Brick Wall Mural
So many ways to add this beautiful design trend to our homes. Why not add a little nostalgic
charm to your home. Lots of ways to to do it.