My Blog, I’ve lost My House Blog!

For the Past 5/6 years I have enjoyed sharing information about home design, flipping houses and just fun creative stuff. Since I began my new business, Moore Investing (Flipping Houses), I have wanted to combine it with Moore from the Heart. Well recently I decided to get a bit more serious about my Blog and do just that, and update it, move it to better hosting venue.  In the process I lost all my content. BOO HOO HOO!

gilr cry

Now that I got that out of the way… I am ready to begin again, and carry on with fresh ideas.  Moore Investing too is definitely from my heart, why not share all of my experiences and creativity about home design in one place.


To refresh your memory about Moore from the Heart, here are … a few photos from my last post.

I was telling you about my wonderful trip to Denver, my daughters house, my nephews  model homes, and some wonderful art inspiration, at the sidewalk chalk festival…

The beautiful Teal colors she choose are so pretty..

What a great place for her new sofa,perfect for her puppy Woofgang,who has become famous on Facebook.


Such  a cute tan, red, and teal multi chair  from Pier One, fills out that corner so perfectly.


And the fun we had  beautifying her little table..



Remember the awesome Model Homes we visited, built by my nephews company, Berkeley Homes.

And don’t forget the awesome inspiration we got from the sidewalk chalk festival…

So bare with me as I mold into a new  and wonderful online home, about Houses, great design ideas and creative  inspiration from the heart.